About Us


Experiencing unique and wonderful things for yourself and passing them on to people is the idea of the world traveler and founder Oliver Bucher of the luxury & lifestyle product "Only Summer". His vision reveals the sensual richness of distant lands in the luxurious ambience of his holiday homes and handcrafted furniture. This harmony of natural craftsmanship combined with exceptional product quality and ravishing lifestyle are characteristic of him and his products. Its guests and customers will always find excellent quality at the exceptional holiday homes, on their own tennis court or in the horse gallop along the coast, relaxing in front of the fireplace or in the open-air whirlpool. For the visionary, nature means finding oneself, turning oneself off and refueling for the soul. He wants to make this energy accessible to all his senses through "Only Summer". The exclusive holiday homes are equipped with their own furniture collections, which Mr. Bucher himself designed and partially produced. He gives small craft businesses all over the world the opportunity to present themselves and realize themselves through cooperation with "Only Summer". Tasteful scents, spiritual experiences, beautiful accessories and the fantastic nature awaits you with each of its products. "Only summer" is the realization of a vision, the vision: dreams not only to dream, but to experience them yourself and to pass them on to people ... to you?

Oliver Bucher - CEO

Maximilian Mann - Executive Project Manager