Handmade and Heartcrafted

At Only Summer Shop, we offer handmade furniture, lamps, and heart crafted accessories from all over the world.

“All products come from artists and small craftsmen shops who dedicated their lives to create beautiful and unique pieces of art.”


Dining Chairs

Dining Tables

Coffee Tables


Boxspring Beds

Lounge Sofas

Outdoor Tables (iron)

Outdoor Chairs

Lounge Chair (rattan)

Coffee Tables Outdoor

Outdoor Sunbeds

Handmade Rugs

Handmade Baskets


Handmade Trays

Handcarved Bowls

Decoration Items

Recycled Paper Lamps

Handmade Lampshades

Iron Lampshade

Raffia Lampshade

Straw Lampshade

Terrace Lampshade